I have had the great pleasure of working with Christian Knudsen for the past five years. He is a visionary designer and tremendous conceptual thinker. His work with me has made a significant difference in my consulting business by helping me re-frame my approach to address my client base with a concise, interactive website. Christian gave me the tools I needed, and advanced my value-based work because he understood the web based applications I could utilize and how I could grow into them.

We have also worked together on my digital art projects and his knowledge of design, software and computer troubleshooting has been invaluable. I like to use the analogy of working with a Master Printer, except with photo-shop where Christian’s creativity and especially his collaborative personality are so important for a successful outcome. I look forward to more collaborations and what Christian’s input will bring to my work. I highly recommend Christian his company to any potential client needing outstanding creative and professional service.